Ohio State Offers Training In Virtually Every Aspect Of Modern Microbiology

Ohio State Offers Training In Virtually Every Aspect Of Modern Microbiology

Our Ph.D. program in microbiology offers an individualized approach to graduate study in one of the nation’s largest teaching and research institutions. You will actively participate in planning your graduate program, working with colleagues from around the world while pursuing your Ph.D. degree.

Upon entering our graduate program, you will do five-week rotations in three laboratories of your choice. These rotations will expose you to a variety of researchers, their laboratories,Large fermentation unit and their specializations and should enable you to select an adviser who best suits your interests. Once you have selected your dissertation adviser — generally after about six months — you will work with your Ph.D. adviser to design a curriculum that complements your research project.

You will select courses from a broad spectrum of microbiology, including microbial genetics and physiology, immunology, fermentation technology, pathogenic microbiology, and environmental microbiology. You can also enroll in a variety of courses offered by related departments such as biochemistry, molecular genetics, and chemistry.

Your course work will be supplemented by participation in informal laboratory group meetings, journal clubs, and our departmental seminar series that features prominent research scientists at academic and industrial laboratories from Ohio State University and around the world. You will have the opportunity to meet with these scientists and discuss your research projects with them.

To help you develop communication skills, we offer a seminar series that gives you practice in presenting your work before a friendly audience. Each microbiology graduate student has several opportunities to present research papers at national or international meetings during his or her graduate career. Annual research competitions give you the opportunity to present your research to a wider audience and to compete for awards that honor the best presentations.

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