Faculty Bios

Name Phone E-mail Address
Stephen T. Abedon
Bacteriophage Evolutionary Ecology.
419-755-4343 abedon.1@osu.edu
Brian M. Ahmer
Detection of other microbial species and the host environment by Salmonella.
614-292-1919 ahmer.1@osu.edu
Juan Alfonzo
Editing and Modification of tRNA: Roles in Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Disease.
614-292-0004 alfonzo.1@osu.edu
Irina Artsimovitch
Molecular mechanisms of transcription elongation, elongation control of virulence genes in proteobacteria.
614-292-6777 artsimovitch.1@osu.edu
Neil R. Baker
Pathogenicity of gram-negative pathogens.
614-292-3342 baker.2@osu.edu
Paula Wolf Bryant
The role of MHC-restricted antigen presentation in the immune response against invading microbial pathogens and tumors.
614-247-7694 bryant.218@osu.edu
Charles J. Daniels
Molecular Biology of the archaea: archaeal SNO-RNAs.
614-292-4599 daniels.7@osu.edu
Kurt Fredrick

Protein synthesis in bacteria; Ribosome structure/function.

614-292-6679 fredrick.5@osu.edu
Darrell R. Galloway
Biochemistry and molecular immunology of bacterial toxins and virulence factors.
614-292-3761 galloway.3@osu.edu
Tina M. Henkin
Transcription termination control in Gram-positive bacteria; RNA structure/function.
614-688-3831 henkin.3@osu.edu
Michael Ibba (Lab)
Protein synthesis in bacteria and archaea. Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase cell biology and biochemistry.
614-292-2120 ibba.1@osu.edu
Pravin T. Kaumaya
Peptide and Protein Design, Antigenic and Immunogenic Determinants, Peptide & Protein Folding.
614-292-7028 kaumaya.1@osu.edu
Joseph A. Krzycki
Biochemistry and molecular biology of methanogenic Archaea
emphasizing methane formation and their genetic encoding of the novel
amino acid pyrrolysine.
614-292-1578 krzycki.1@osu.edu
Mark Morrison (MAPLE)
Microbial genomics, emphasizing the molecular biology of polysaccharide degradation and bacterial adhesion to plant surfaces.
614-688-5399 morrison.234@osu.edu
Richard F. Mortensen
Cellular and molecular mechanisms that participate in innate or non-clonal host immunity.
614-292-3360 mortensen.3@osu.edu
Robert S. Munson
Bacterial Pathogenesis and Genomics.
614-772-2778 munson.10@osu.edu
Madhura M. Pradhan 614-292-1196 pradhan.2@osu.edu
John N. Reeve (Lab)
Molecular biology of archaea \ molecular adaptations to extreme environments.
614-292-2301 reeve.2@osu.edu
Abhay Satoskar (Lab)
Immune mechanisms that determine outcome of “New world” cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis.
614-292-3243 satoskar.2@osu.edu
F. Robert Tabita (Lab)
Biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular ecology, archaea.
614-292-4297 tabita.1@osu.edu
Olli H. Tuovinen (Lab)
Environmental and Industrial Microbiology.
614-292-3379 tuovinen.1@osu.edu
Hua Wang (Lab)

Biofilm formation involving food-borne pathogenic and health-promoting microorganisms.

614-292-6281 wang.707@osu.edu
Marshall V. Williams
Deoxyuridine metabolism in eukaryotic systems as it relates to gene expression, DNA replication and DNA repair.
614-292-0717 williams.70@osu.edu
Ahmed E. Yousef (Lab)
Microbial safety of food; foodborne pathogens; preservation technologies; mechanism of resistance.
614-292-7814 yousef.1@osu.edu
Bruce S. Zwilling
Mycobacterial resistance, macrophage activation, regulation of macrophage gene expression by corticosteroids and neuroimmunology.
614-292-3310 zwilling.1@osu.edu