Well Known Schools that teaches Microbiology

Pharmaceutical and Generic Engineering firms are searching for Microbiologist. If you are in U.S and are in need of the best school that provides the best education for those who wanted to become a Microbiologist, the top 4 includes Harvard University, Stanford, University of California—​Berkeley, and University of Wisconsin—​Madison. These

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Ohio State Offers Training In Virtually Every Aspect Of Modern Microbiology

Ohio State Offers Training In Virtually Every Aspect Of Modern Microbiology Our Ph.D. program in microbiology offers an individualized approach to graduate study in one of the nation’s largest teaching and research institutions. You will actively participate in planning your graduate program, working with colleagues from around the world while

Graduate Admissions & Aid

Graduate Admissions & Aid Please Note: It is now past the application deadline for Autumn 2009 If you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any of the biological sciences, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, engineering, or chemistry, you should apply directly to our Ph.D. program. The OSU Microbiology Graduate Program

Microbiology Faculty Interests

Active links indicate faculty members who are currently accepting undergraduate researchers (Autumn 2003) Name Office (Phone#) Email Research Interests Undergraduate projects Stephen T. Abedon Mansfield Campus (419-755-4343) abedon.1@osu.edu Bacteriophage Evolutionary Ecology. — Brian M. Ahmer 934 Riffe Bldg (292-1919) ahmer.1@osu.edu Regulatory Networks in Pathogenic bacteria — Irina Artsimovitch 428 Biosci

Bacterial Pathogenesis and Genomics.

Robert S. Munson, Jr. munson.10@osu.edu Professor Department of Pediatrics Bacterial Pathogenesis and Genomics. Research Summary: Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae is an important cause of otitis media in children, and a major cause of lower respiratory disease in children in the developing world. The organism is also associated with exacerbations of chronic

Peptide and Protein Design, Antigenic and Immunogenic Determinants, Peptide & Protein Folding

Pravin T. P. Kaumaya kaumaya.1@osu.edu Professor Ph.D., 1981, Portsmouth School of Pharmacy, England Peptide and Protein Design, Antigenic and Immunogenic Determinants, Peptide & Protein Folding. Research efforts in my laboratory are primarily based on exploiting the immune system’s exquisite specificity which offers one of the simplest and most effective ways

The Role of MHC-Restricted Antigen Presentation in the Immune Response Against Invading Microbial Pathogens and Tumors

Paula Wolf Bryant bryant.218@osu.edu Assistant Professor Ph.D. – Baylor College of Medicine, 1988-1993 Postdoctoral fellowship – Harvard Medical School, 1993-2000 The role of MHC-restricted antigen presentation in the immune response against invading microbial pathogens and tumors. The focus of research in my laboratory is the role of MHC-restricted antigen presentation